American Oncology Institute came to India with the intent to bridge the gap between the need for and availability of focused cancer care. While the hospital brought with it international standards of clinical practice, it realised the need to go beyond and weave itself into the warp and weft of India’s emotional ethos. RBC’s BrandTale — We journey with you conveyed AOI’s sensitivity for the careseeker.

The vibrant corporate brochure captured the brand promise of competence delivered with compassion.

The corporate stationery stayed true to the brand’s vibrant colour palette even as it conveyed sophistication of the international kind.

The topical collateral, in this case, for a CME reflects the professionalism the brand is synonymous with.

AOI’s global expertise and evolving technology base is smartly captured across media.

AOI’s sophisticated facility required equally refined space branding. Our designs and materials effectively straddled the fine line between elegance and patient-friendliness.

The brand collateral reflect AOI’s way of life – innovation and professionalism.