There might be other me-toos like the smell of rain soaked earth or that of a freshly printed book, but nothing can rival the fragrance of a newborn’s skin, or the tears of love that pour out from a mother’s eyes. Apollo Cradle innumerable of those precious moments. Bu most of all, this dedicated women and children’s hospital is focused on keeping every careseeker…In Safe Hands.

When Apollo Cradle took the pledge to make no distinction between the cost of natural birth and cesarean birth, RBC promoted it with a campaign that revolved around natural birth.The ‘Natural is Priceless’ won the Marketing Campaign of the Year for Apollo Cradle.

Apollo Cradle facilities across India bear the same space branding that is both evocative and informative at the same time.

Apollo Cradle’s customised gifting merchandise are fun and have a keepsake quality.

Apollo Cradle’s CSR effort, Apollo Cradle Foundation ran campaigns that raised awareness about destitute children’s needs and urged the kind-hearted to donate toys/books/clothes.

Apollo Cradle’s PREGGO plays a big role in driving its Natural is Priceless campaign. It is focused on easing the conception to birth and beyond journey with timely advice and action.

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