From the 47,000 sft. state-of-the-art facility in Hyderabad, Dr. GVS Rao and
his team of eminent physicians and surgeons deliver 360-degree care with a
rare empathy that’s made Dr. Rao’s ENT the preferred one-stop destination
for ENT care. Hence RBC’s BrandTale – Sensitive to your senses, conveying
their signature blend of compassion, capability and comfort.

The icon, artistically shaded to depict ear, nose and throat forms the centrepiece of the logo. Colours have been chosen to depict the vibrance that well-preserved senses enable us to perceive.

The spatial branding followed the experiential route dedicated to making the senses come alive. A dual-toned graphic brand trigger was designed to add instant pep to the otherwise sensitive design language.

The go to market strategy included a publicity blitzkrieg of outdoor, press and print media.

Customers were treated to new patient folders, calendars and other stakeholders got to get the history and achievements of the brand through a well-designed brochure.

The online presence was strengthened through a new, robust website and active FB page. The web traffic is constantly being improved through blogs, SEO, Vlogs etc.

Dr. raos’ ENT being a research and training centre too, workshops and seminars are held at regular intervals.
The design collateral has been standardised to give the exercise a professional sheen.

A series of 3 funny but thought provoking films were made for release
in theatres and Tvs. The response rate vis a vis inbound patient traffic has been heartening.