Mid Valley City is a mixed development sprawling over 15.5 acres of prime land at Mangalagiri, abutting the New Capital Region of Andhra Pradesh. The Residences at Mid Valley City is an address that treats occupants to a heady medley of urban activity and countryside serenity. Our BrandTale, happy living…for now, forever encapsulates the promise of a privileged, peaceful life.

The brand design and tone cued ‘elite’ through a golden icon and fonts that conveyed exclusivity and staying power al at once.

The multimedia launch campaign made a splashin the Vijayawada-Amaravati-Guntur belt and was widely noticed, resulting in more than expected footfalls.

The internal branding of the Sales & Marketing office reflected the promised lifestyle, which was depicted through an evocative narrative.

The monthly newsletter was designed to keep customers updated about the progress of the project and keep them abreast of what’s new in real estate, home decor ideas etc.

Brand merchandise and event collateral followed the brand ethos of understated elegance.