From the first underground STP for Aditya Trade Centre – featured among India’s top 10 futuristic buildings – to usage of aerocon bricks before anyone else to being the first company to enrol itself for a Quality audit, Manjeera has practically demonstrated its customer centricity and proactively matched the expectations of the customers, bringing to them the experience of… Life elevated, as our BrandTale succinctly puts it.

The rebranding exercise for Manjeera,s 25th year saw us designing a logo that conveyed sturdiness, futuristic design and an arrow that encapsulated the BrandTale

The stationery and brand merchandise were faithful to the brand colours and design features

The Annual Report was a purpose-made piece with a concept that reflected the positive mood of the company and had a dedicated photoshoot with models

Manjeera Trinity was an amalgamation of corporate, recreation and residential spaces that flowed into each other seamlessly; our design solutions – logo, brochures, ads – conveyed the same simply

The proprietary photo bank shot on location in Manjeera, properties revolved around the concepts of work, life and play

The print and press collateral for Manjeera Diamond Towers and Villas played around the BrandTale of ‘As precious as you.’