Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC), a key industrial arm of the Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India wanted a brand makeover. They got one that made the atoms sizzle!

The business cards, corporate stationery, folders, were all recast in a brave colour combination that broke through the typical government mould and endowed the institution with an energetic look and feel true to all the groundbreaking action that goes on behind the walls

The corporate giveaway was a 56-panelled magic cube that could be rearranged at will by the user; it carried the NFC ethos in brightly designed faces and conveyed innovation, the existential reason of NFC

The way finders and product display stands instantly pepped up the austere ambience

The brochure encapsulated NFC’s origins, present and future through purpose-shot photography and evocative imagery

The NFC story was retold in a riveting 30-minute documentary shot across Hyderabad, Pazhyakayal in
Tamil nadu and Mumbai