Our Work

Over two decades of operations, we have spread our wings into Healthcare, Infrastructure, Construction, Education, Industrial Parks, Apparel, FMCG, Media, Durables, Retail, Hospitality, Agro, NGO, Governmental and Environmental agencies…

Sunshine Hospitals

The emotion made its way into extensive experiential branding where the ambience was redesigned with sunny colours and heartwarming cartoon characters.


At infrastructure giant NCC’s core is a far-sighted vision, the spirit of innovation, versatility and commitment to delivering quality which have become the hallmarks of our 15-year engagement with them.

Nuclear Fuel Complex

Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC), a key industrial arm of the Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India wanted a brand makeover. They got one that made the atoms sizzle!


PVP is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Prasad V Potluri. Back in India after a very successful stint abroad, he trained his eyes on making the entertainment-recreation-leisure space of India a more professional place.


Ohri’s, with 22 theme restaurants, is synonymous with eating out in Hyderabad. The enterprising father-son duo who introduced the city to fine dining were very clear about what they wanted their patrons to take back every time – a joyful experience that would bring them back again…and again.


SVM added a whole new chapter to arcade gaming in India. In its multi-floor gaming malls, SVM has a plethora of gaming options on varied platforms. From one-on-one match ups to multiplayer tournaments, gamers can fuel their addiction and enjoy the high-tech game play.


IKP Knowledge Park is a 200-acre expanse dedicated to research for a better life. When the brand needed a rehaul, we took evolution as the theme.


Polmon is a go-to name today in the Life Sciences industry for its innovative, technology-driven instrumentation & automation products and services.

Koncept Ambience

Koncept Ambience, Hyderabad’s leading Real Estate player, has consistently pushed the envelope to bring alive the quintessence of what global citizens perceive as, and know to be, luxury. Mandated to project the same in our campaign for their offering, The Botanika, RBC came up with the evocative BrandTale: Luxury -The Science of Maximum Living.


From the first underground STP for Aditya Trade Centre – featured among India’s top 10 futuristic buildings – to the usage of aerocon bricks before anyone else, to being the first company to enrol itself for a Quality audit, Manjeera has practically demonstrated its customer centricity and proactively matched the expectations of the customers, bringing to them the experience of…Life elevated, as our BrandTale succinctly puts it.

Prathima Hospitals

Prathima Hospitals was established with the thought that, when a health problem raises its head, even the most resilient of people seek assurance most of all. Not just a smart mind, but a strong shoulder is equally important. RBC’s BrandTale for Prathima Hospitals says it simply…With you, always.

American Oncology Institute

American Oncology Institute came to India with the intent to bridge the gap between the need for and availability of focused cancer care. While the hospital brought with it international standards of clinical practice, it realised the need to go beyond and weave itself into the warp and weft of India’s emotional ethos. RBC’s BrandTale – We journey with you – conveyed AOI’s sensitivity for the careseeker.


When Rainbow, the 12-year old hospital for women and children wanted a brand revamp, we gave them a logo that conveyed their essence – a wide spectrum of services that adds the vibrancy of good health to lives – at a glance. Our BrandTale for them – For precious new beginnings – spoke reams about the care, competence, comfort and compassion facets of their offerings.


On the occasion of their 25th anniversary, Dr. Ramesh Hospitals at Vijayawada decided on a brand makeover. RBC stepped in and gave them a contemporary, international look that was a volte face from the hitherto traditional one. The new identity worked wonders for the brand with both patients and investors.