Prathima Hospitals was established with the thought that, when a health problem raises its head, even the most resilient of people seek assurance most of all. Not just a smart mind, but a strong shoulder is equally important. RBC’s BrandTale for Prathima Hospitals says it simply…’With you, always.’

The essence of Prathima Hospitals’ mission was condensed into the logo’s five dots symbolising teamwork, expertise, passion, approachability and innovation.The dots coming together to form the medical cross signifies that every careseeker experiences excellence born from the seamless merging of these five elements.

The graphic brand trigger for Prathima is a soft swoosh of blue to indicate a continuum of professional and empathetic service.

When India’s power couple became Prathima’s brand ambassadors, one endorsement said it all. The brochure echoed the BrandTale through its narrative and design.

The evocative but clear space branding allows for ease in navigation even as it inspires careseekers to look at health issues in a positive light.

A cardiology-specific campaign was splashed across the city announcing the availability of a dedicated cardiac care team at Prathima Hospitals.

Prathima’s story, ethos, wide spectrum of services, their talent base and innovations were all brought together in a seamless, easy to navigate website.

Prathima’s inclusive culture treats careseekers and their families with respect; and this was beautifully showcased in a film that also serves as a vivid story of the Hospital and its capabilities.