Samashti International School was founded to prepare students to successfully transition into responsible global citizens. The idea was to foster a safe, positive and nur
turing learning environment that combines age-appropriate instructional practices with the traditional value system so that students are well-equipped to face the future. Our BrandTale – Laying life’s foundations – summed it all up simply.

The launch brochure-cum-prospectusput forth the Samashti philosophy and story succinctly. The website, interactive and easy to navigate carried forward the brand ethos.

The school aimed at making academics fun, engaging and a hands-on experience. The very visible outdoor & print campaign captured everyone’s imagination, especially that of children’s. The result was unprecedented first year enrolment numbers.

The school stresses on all-round personality development and kindles the hidden potential of every student. Our topical campaigns capture this beautifully.

As the school continues to evolve, the narrative has underg one a subtle makeover to become inspirational, and an interactive element was woven into it to engage with the students on the digital platform.