SVM added a whole new chapter to arcade gaming in India. In its multi-floor gaming malls, SVM has a plethora of gaming options on varied platforms. From one-on-one match ups to multiplayer tournaments, gamers can fuel their addiction and enjoy the high-tech game play.

We created a logo that was a dashing blend of the gaming universe reflected in the font and its colour, and the adrenaline rush depicted in the passionate red background encapsulated in a circle that represents 360-degree fun for the family

Sweeping splashes of vibrant colours were used liberally across all collateral to stay in tune with the fun and games and excitement pitch

Exclusive photography was undertaken to palpably capture the thrill and excitement of gaming

The photographs were used across brochures, posters, leaflets, website and captured the action admirably

The launch campaign splashed across media told the gaming story in a fun and action-oriented style that appealed to the TG

When SVM decided to add a dedicated Console Gaming section, we gave it a befitting name and font that reflected the hi-charged action