A socially inclined Ramky, a specialist multidisciplinary infrastructure development conglomerate, has signed itself into an unshakable contract with the future. The company was driven by the mission to balance economic progress with environmental care and social responsibility. The BrandTale we coined – Towards Sustianble Growth – succinctly summed up the promoters’ vision.

For its rebranding, we chose to meld its multipronged growth aspect with its civically conscious facet – which came through as wings in the colours of the Indian flag.

The sustainable growth theme became recurrent and made its way into every piece of communication designed over the next few years. The newsletter which we named The Earth Mate carried, apart from company news, stories that encouraged sustainable practices.

The launch campaign of Ramky Towers pitched it as the place for people with taste and an appreciation of the better things in life.

The ethos of Ramky’s API manufacturing arm, Smilax, was brought out sensitively in its event branding.

Generating value for stakeholders and society alike, plays a starring role in all of Ramky’s endeavours. The progress and effectiveness of the activities of Ramky Foundation were beautifully catalogued in the Foundation’s Status Report.